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With a new bundle of joy on the way, we knew we were going to need more space in our home. We loved the area and didn’t want to move, so we decided to look into a room addition. EDG was amazing. They came out and went over everything with us to ensure we were on the same page. Then, they set to work adding on a spacious new room to our home. We now have the space we need to welcome our new little one home all thanks to the fabulous work by EDG.
John D.
Home Owner
Complete Remodeling

Complete Remodeling

In this beautiful project, we have provided John The homeowner, A complete home remodeling that was included:

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodling

This Amazing Bathroom started with a simple idea that came out to life with amazing finishing and details

I just love the way the bathroom came out! It was above and beyond my expectations, and yes it was not cheap, but the guys from EDG Remodeling have made my dream come true !!! Thank you so much for giving me an amazing bathroom. I will recommend you guys to everyone !!!
Margaret C
Home Owner
I can't be happier with the end result of our kitchen, It was the easiest construction company that I had worked with, Eden was absolutely Amazing and professional, and have helped me and my wife to get the most out of our space for the kitchen. they have finished my kitchen fast and with no delays. Thank you EDG Remodeling and a special thanks to Eden.
Matthew F
Home Owner
Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

The heart of the house was and will always be the kitchen. The kitchen is the most used area in the house and should give as much space for storage and counter as needed.

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