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We’re all over the place.

EDG Remodeling INC is an LA-based construction company specializing in general contracting, construction management, design-build. Throughout our history, we’ve succeeded by providing a wide range of construction solutions to our clients and delivering a whole lot of quality work.

Family-owned, County known.

We are a family-owned Residential construction management firm with a mission to deliver on our promises. For over 20 years, through collaboration and expertise, we have guided our clients through the construction process to turn their vision into reality. We operate as a family with a commitment to construct buildings that are measured on quality and value.

Our mission is

To Make It True.  Whether that’s making the visions of architects come true…building true relationships with subcontractors…staying true to our word with owners and developers…or making our company a truly great career path for employees… our Make It True mission is what creates the unmistakable trust, loyalty, and teamwork that sets us apart.


We Understand Requirements

This is why we have in-house Design architects and engineering services, so your project will be as safe as possible and will be done fast.


We Work Precisely ​

Getting the job done is easy, Getting it done the right way the first time can be done only with a professional company menegment with the best skilled workers out ther.


We Deliver Best Output​

To get the best results you would need the best in the industry, you will need to get EDG Remodeling and get it done right the first time and avoid spending time and money.

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We know you have many options to get your project done at virtually any time and at any cost, we will be very happy to show you what will be the fastest and must cost-effective ways to make it happend.